Thankful Thursday: Holiday Weekend

I love Holiday’s! And Holiday weekends are the best, time spent with family, friends, and making memories. Since Monday was Memorial Day, I went with my mom and sister to the cemetery’s close by and then headed home. Griffin and I made homemade Ice cream (I’ll share the recipe at some point) and invited some friends over. It was a good time!

What I’m thankful for this week:

  • The holiday, obviously. Gotta love the long weekends!
  • Persephone sleeping 6-7 hours at a time!! This is huge! We’re finally getting more sleep.
  • Going on walks. Griff and I get to talk about our day and whatever is on our mind, plus we get exercise (and then the dog is sleepy!)
  • Podcasts. I started listening to a few new ones this week at work and on my commute. I LOVE IT! Do you listen to Podcasts, if so, which ones?
  • MH Twitter chats. I’ve joined in on a few mental health chats on twitter and I love the MH community. I gain so much from each of the chats and I get to connect with people.

Life Update:

  • We rearranged our furniture to open up our space. We know have a couch against the window, which makes it so Persephone doesn’t want to go outside every five minutes. The window has a ledge that Persephone now walks on and sits on. Basically, she’s a cat.
  • Griffin’s been sick, caught some sort of bug. I hope he gets better soon!
  • We had people over! Since we’ve been married we’ve had 2 get togethers (averages 1 per year I guess) we like people, but we also like it being just us. Granted, we have had 1 or 2 people over at a time more than this, but we’ve only had a larger number of people over twice.
  • I made a plan to blog every day in the month of June! (Well, Monday – Friday) All about books and mental health! I’m so excited to share these posts with you!

I think that’s it for this week. We’re enjoying the warmer weather and I love that it’s starting to feel like summer (even though I’m still just working full time!) What have you been up to this week?


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  1. I love that you share what you’re thankful for on here. I know personally I sometimes forget to express gratitude for the little things and even big things so seeing you write it out is such a good idea.

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