How Small Changes Will Change Your Life

For the past few months, I’ve been stuck. Stuck doing the same thing over and over again. Stuck feeling like there’s no way out and no way to change my life. Recently, however, I’ve been inspired. Inspired by random women from the internet, but inspired enough to realize that these changes that I’ve been looking for, they need to come from me. I don’t have the money, time, or resources to drop everything and travel the world like Elizabeth Gilbert did. My life is busy, and part of me stresses at the idea of adding more to my plate, but I know that this ‘more’ that I add will be a good thing.

Making Changes

Watching myself run around in circles makes me crazy. I see so many men and women out there chasing and living their dreams and I can’t help but feel envy. Envy for a life that I want, but one that seems completely out of reach.

But is the life we want really out of reach?

No. I don’t think so. Actually, I know so. But then, if the life we dream of is in our reach, why aren’t we already living it?

Chances are if you’re anything like me, it’s because you’re afraid. You’re afraid of failure. You’re afraid of people laughing at you, being disappointed in you, telling you that your work, your art, that it’s terrible. You’re afraid of all the bad things that will happen.

But what will you feel five years from now? Will you feel sad that you didn’t take that leap of faith and trust in yourself? Will you fear that because you never took a chance then, you won’t ever be able to take a chance?

You don’t have to have those fears.

Having anxiety means that I am constantly surrounded by fear, and most of the time, the fear is irrational, yet I can’t control it. But, I also realize that there are moments in my life when I have to make a choice, am I going to let my anxiety control me or am I going to take the time to learn the skills to control my anxiety (I’ll be writing another post more about this later.) But, my point is that most of the things we fear are all in our heads.

True, we will face circumstances in which we will face fear in that exact moment, but right now I want you to stop and think. Are you afraid of something? Is there any actual reason to be afraid of it right now? Most likely the answer is no, there isn’t a reason.

Make a small change.

Often, when I think about changing my life I feel the need to do something dramatic and huge. Move, change jobs, travel, etc. And these things are great, but starting today I want to see how my life can change without really changing much about my life.

I’m going to live in the same apartment. I’m going to keep my job. I’m going to struggle to make dinner every night, but for the most part, a lot of things aren’t going to change.

But I want to change.

There are dreams and passions and things that I want to accomplish in life, not tomorrow, not next month, not in five years, but things I’d like to be doing right now! Typing this out makes me feel like it should be so much easier than it actually is, but I know that it will actually take a lot of work.

But I am willing to put in the effort to make my life better, to create the life that I want. For so long I’ve been living life in a way that makes me incredibly unhappy, and I recognize that a lot of that is because of my thinking, because of how I’m spending my free time, and because I haven’t been willing to make a change.

Taking action

I’m starting with small, manageable goals that will help me take off and create the life I want.

  • Waking up at 6. I almost do this, but I sure do love just spending the morning in bed if I can. But I want to get up and get going.
  • Write for 15 minutes. A big part of my dream is to write a book (or multiple) but that won’t happen if I’m not writing. I’ve tried to set a word limit for every day, and that just doesn’t work for me. Writing a novel is overwhelming, but breaking it up into a smaller chunk of time, even if that’s only 15 minutes a day, will make a huge impact.
  • Plug in my phone at 7. Confession: I use my phone way too much. If want to hustle and make my dreams become a reality, I’m going to have to cut back on my mindless scrolling through social media. I want to make the time I do have my phone count, to use social media with more intention.


I want to live my life with intention.

I firmly believe that we deserve a happy life that we enjoy. So today, I’m taking action. These small goals are just to help me get started. I’m investing time and money into myself to make the changes I’ve been looking for. I can’t wait to share my journey and all that I have planned with you in the coming months.

Is there something that you’ve always dreamed of doing, but haven’t had the guts to take the leap? This is me giving you permission (even though you really don’t need any one’s permission to chase your dreams) but today I want you to commit, buy that plane ticket, write the first page of your book, find a new job–whatever it is that you’ve been secretly hoping to do, take a chance on yourself and go after it, today.


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  1. I am in the same boat as you with regards to getting out of a rut and figuring out which fears are holding me back. When I’ve gotten to this point I’ve always gravitated towards a nice clean break and a fresh start, but I know I need to stick this out and work through incremental change. Writing really helps. I find getting up just a few minutes earlier in the morning and dedicating some of that time to writing can be a real boost. I don’t always work on my drafts of short fiction or novels, but just taking that extra time to write first thing in the morning is so helpful to helping me find that way forward. Good luck with your journey!

    1. Liz, writing in the morning is such a good idea! That’s something I’d love to try, whether I’m working on my book or a blog post or journaling, I think that would be an awesome way for me to start my day! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Most often what we fear is really not as big as what we make it out to be. I remember someone asking me a long time ago, “What if…..” and I was to insert my fear. And then after I filled it in, I was to say out loud the worst possible things I could answer to my fear. Most often there wasn’t a really terrible answer and after I said them out loud I could move on and say , “Ya, what if,” and know that I didn’t need to worry or fear that particular thing any more.

  3. This is beautiful! Life is short and we have to live each moment to the fullest! I love your small goals that you have used to start and I can completely relate since I too struggle with anxiety! Sounds like you are doing a great job!

  4. Such great advice. I especially like the one about plugging in your phone at 7:00. I need to do a better job at not jumping on my phone at every chance I get.

    1. This is one that I’m still struggling with, but having this goal in mind helps me put down my phone more than I have in the past! Best of luck to you!

  5. I think this is something to which so many of us can relate! We all want to be more happy, more healthy, more productive and so on, but unless we start somehow, those dreams only frustrate us. I have found that sometimes the desire to change can be overwhelming unless it is broken down into smaller bites. I love your wellness steps and how individual they are to YOU. These little changes can be so empowering! I need to set some goals for myself. There’s nothing like some ground gained to help you feel good about your progress on your journey and little goals would help me to experience that. Thanks for your post!

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