Hello September

And hello blog friends! Guys. I’ve been sooo bad at blogging lately and I have no excuses other than I’ve just become lazy. But, I have a lot of fun posts planned for September and I can’t wait to share them with you! 

Our last month of summer has been lazy but fun. Most days are spent at work and evenings at home watching something on Hulu and walking the dog. We also went to Lake Tahoe with Griffin’s family a few weeks ago and had a blast while we were there! 

Griffin starts school on Tuesday, and I had originally planned on attending with him. But after a lot of thought, prayer, and some different circumstances, I won’t be starting school on Tuesday. It feels right, but I am also a little sad that I won’t be going back to school just yet. I do plan on it at some point, right now just isn’t the time. This will be Griffin’s last semester as an undergrad and he couldn’t be more excited to be almost done! As of right now he’s planning to work once he graduates until he goes to grad school in a year or so! All of it is exciting, we have no idea where we’ll be in a year or two (living wise) but I know it will be a fun adventure! 

This month I am planning to work on my novel, read at least 4 books, and blog twice a week. I’m excited for fall, for crunchy leaves, changing colors on the mountains, and cooler weather. Life is good. 

Sharing is Caring!

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