The Little Things

Happy Monday! This past weekend was super busy, with a funeral, a birthday party, a wedding reception, the #HolyWar football game (which I missed half of because I fell asleep), a regional conference and our self-reliance meeting. But there were also so many good little things about the past two days!  In a hard moment yesterday (full of exhaustion) Griffin came and sat by me and kissed my cheek, something so sweet and simple that really made a difference.

Showing gratitude for the little things.

On Saturday I complaining about feeling uncomfortable and Griffin mentioned that I complain a lot. After he said that I sat in thought for a moment… I really do complain so much! Complaining is something that I’ve struggled with my entire life. I feel like I dwell on the negative things far too much. This is something I’d really love to change.

Yesterday we had a regional conference and Elder Stevenson talked about how we need to be humble, and how one of the ways that we can be humble is by showing gratitude. This week my goal is to look for the little things that bring me joy and that make life better (like a kiss on my cheek when I’m having a hard moment) or the dog sleeping through the night.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the victims of the hurricanes and feeling silly about complaining when the pup wakes up and I have to get out of my comfy bed or when my Instagram post doesn’t get as many likes as I hoped it would. I’m trying to step back and focus on the things that actually do matter, and hold my family closer and pray for those who’ve lost everything. We can find good in every situation. There are so many good little things happening right now, just look around and you’ll start to see them ❤️

Today also marks the anniversary of 9/11. This morning I woke up thinking about how 16 years ago (has it really been that long?) I was in 2nd grade and the only thing I really remember was watching my dad as he put on his tie while watching the news. I had no real understanding of what happened that day until much later. Today my heart goes out to America as we remember the past and work towards a better future. I am so grateful for the freedoms we have and the country that I live in. It’s not always my favorite place (with political situations and such) but I am so grateful to live here.


Happy Monday!

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