October Goals

The leaves are finally starting to change here in Utah and I am so so so happy about it! I love this time of year. Sweater weather, all of the colors, and of course all the traditions that come with fall and winter. I am slowly starting to be more regular at blogging, and with that means I’m going to be sharing my monthly goals with you. You guys need to keep me accountable for these, and I’ll report back at the end of the month how everything goes. For October, I have a few goals (to keep it manageable) but also things I’d really like to focus on this month.

Blog Monday-Friday Every Week

I’ve been wanting to blog more and recently I heard about #blogtober (which is where you post a blog post EVERY DAY in October.) I’m not currently planning to post on the weekends, but you can expect a blog post every day of the week.

Create a Baby Registry

As of Saturday, I’m 22 weeks along. And while I know that I still have a lot of time to prep for Baby V, with all the holiday’s coming up and my sister getting married in November, I know that she’ll come faster than I can even imagine. We’ll be having a shower (possibly two) and I’d love to get things that I actually need. This month I’m hoping to put together my registry. So, for all you mama’s out there, what are my must-have items for the baby? There are so many options and so many things and I have no idea where to even start!

Prep for NaNo

Last year I participated in National Novel Writing Month which takes place in November. I wrote an entire 50,000-word novel last year and had a blast. But, I was not prepared at all. And while winging it was sort of fun, I’d like to be more prepared. This month I’m hoping to create my outline, write some character sketches, and maybe even draft some scenes. I’m really excited about the book I’ll be writing!

Read the Scriptures Daily

Guys, I love reading the scriptures. I love spending time reading about Jesus and learning about faith. But every single day it is a struggle for me to actually open my scriptures (or the app on my phone.) I’ve been letting myself being sucked into the world of social media (again) but I’d really like to dedicate time each day to God. I’m still thinking that mornings are the best time for this, but at night I’m needing something else to do beyond scrolling through Instagram for the 100th time.

Read 10 Books

And my last goal this month is to read 10 books. In September I was in such a reading slump and I hated it. Reading brings me so much joy and this year I’ve averaged 5-7 books a month. I know 10 is a rather high number (last year I feel like I hit 12 several times though.) But I really want to try. I’m reading again on my lunch breaks, as well as when I get home. So, we’ll see what happens! Later this week I’ll be sharing some books that I’m excited to read this fall!

Happy October! Here’s to achieving all the goals! What are some of your goals?

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