The past few days flew by, but it was fun to have a little getaway. Griffin had a job interview out in Colorado, so we flew out and stayed with his parents. His mom picked us up from the airport, with Christmas music playing in her car. As we drove further north, snow started falling on the ground already covered with snow. It felt peaceful and quiet.

I truly love coming out to visit this time of year, mostly because it always reminds me of the first time I visited nearly 3 years ago. Griffin had been home from his mission for just 2 weeks when I flew out to stay with him and meet his family. We had a pretty good idea then that we’d be getting married, but nobody else knew that! Every single time I’m in the Denver airport I think about how that’s where we had our first kiss. And in the past few days, I’ve had so many memories of that first trip.

How excited I was to see him, how nervous I was to meet his family. I’m pretty sure I ate almost nothing those four days I was here because I was so nervous. We watched Lord of the Rings and cuddled and kissed a lot.

It’s been three years since that trip. Right now as I type this, looking out at the snow and remembering, I am so grateful for that trip. I love Griffin and I’m so grateful to be a part of his family.

This trip was quieter than that one. We went and saw Thor with his parents, hung out, ate cinnamon rolls the size of our heads, and Griffin had his interview. I spent most of yesterday working, but it was a fun trip. I love our life, and even though there are so many unknowns in the coming months, I’m so grateful for our beautiful life.

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