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Crimson Ash by Haley Sulich

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Publication Date: May 10th 2018
Publisher: Write Plan
Genre: Dystopian
Pages: 374
Source: Write Plan

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You may live as a soldier or face death. Choose wisely.

Solanine Lucille wants her little sister back. Eight years ago, the government kidnapped her sister Ember, stole her memories, and transformed her into a soldier. But Solanine refuses to give up. Now that she and her fiancé have located the leader of a rebel group, she believes she can finally bring Ember home. But then the soldiers raid the rebels, killing her fiancé and leaving Solanine alone with her demons and all the weapons needed for revenge.

After raiding a rebel camp, sixteen-year-old Ember doesn’t understand why killing some boy bothers her. She’s a soldier—she has killed hundreds of people without remorse. But after she fails a mission, the rebels hold her hostage and restore her memories. Ember recognizes her sister among the rebels and realizes the boy she killed was Solanine’s fiancé.

Ember knows she can’t hide the truth forever, but Solanine has secrets too.

As their worlds clash, the two sisters must decide if their relationship is worth fighting for. And one wrong move could destroy everything—and everyone—in their path.

My Thoughts

What I enjoyed

I don’t even know where to start! I read one review about this book where the person said they’d read the book in just 2 days. I’m all for reading books fast, but I’d only read the first two pages at that point and was like, really? I liked it, but I hadn’t been hooked quite yet.

I’m not sure when I became captivated by the story, and though it took me longer than 2 days to finish Crimson Ash, I loved it! Crimson Ash is told from the point of view of two sisters, Solanine and Ember. I love books that deal with sister relationships because I only have one sister, and I always feel a connection to them. This relationship is tough, both of the sisters have secrets, heartache, and feel so out of place and broken. The story is really about them finding how to heal their relationship, and if it is even worth it to do so!

I also really loved the world. It was complex, and even though we find out a lot about society in the book, it left me wanting more. I wanted to dive deeper into this world, and I think that’s always a good thing.

With the world, the characters, the theme of depression throughout, as well as the story I did have a hard time putting it down! While I didn’t have the time to read it in just 2 days, I did pick it up every chance I got!

Things I wished for:

I wanted more about the other characters. Obviously, there is a major focus on Solanine and Ember because they are the main characters. But I did wish that we could have learned even more about Nightshade, Kane, and so many others in the story.

The ending felt oddly rushed. I enjoyed so much of the book, then I got to parts that would say “then weeks passed” or “she was in the city for weeks” I didn’t really understand the point of this passage of time. And in the end, things were resolved but there was just something a little off about the timeline, but I couldn’t exactly figure out what.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Crimson Ash and I’m excited for all of you to read it when it comes out in May. But, one of you won’t have to wait that long! I will be hosting a giveaway (either on Instagram or Twitter) in the next couple of days to share this book with you, so keep an eye out for that! You won’t want to miss it!

About Haley Sulich

Haley Sulich lives in Minnesota. Growing up, she hated to read or write books and would rather play video games. However, towards the end of junior high, she began to develop a passion for reading and writing while she was struggling with severe depression. All of her story ideas stem from her past and mental illness, which create darker themes in her books. Since then, she has written multiple sci-fi novels and short horror stories, become a Wattpad Featured Author, and founded theWrite Plan book editing company. She is also the founder of the We Are People social project.

When Sulich isn’t writing, she likes watching horror movies, paintballing, knife throwing, photography, and eating ice cream (which is half of her diet). She hopes to learn how to snowboard and surf, and she’d like to own a tiny house near the beach.

* I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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