2 Years

Wow. Two years ago I woke up and it was my wedding day. I got ready at home and then we headed up to the temple with Griffin. I still remember how during our sealing (what Mormon’s call the ceremony) how Griffin didn’t blink at all because he didn’t want to cry. And then how fast he kissed me once we were married.

And now it’s been two years.

These two years have not been easy.

But they have been wonderful.

We both deal with school, work, money, and my mental health. Griff has been a champ through it all.

I wake up every day and feel grateful for him, though I think too often I take him for granted. But, I’m trying to not do that so much, to be more grateful and less selfish.

Marriage has taught me a lot.

It’s taught me that there is so much more to life than just myself.

I’ve learned so much about myself and about Griffin as the years go on.

I’m finding myself as he’s finding himself and we’re growing together.

I’ve learned that we are both really really good at shopping, but we’re starting to save money.

I’ve learned that some of the best times we’ve had together, when we’ve grown as a couple, have also been some of the hardest times.

I’ll never forget the time he made me dinner after our first ‘fight’ (if you could even call it that… we’re both so mellow)

I’ll never forget the times he’s pulled me close into a hug as I’ve had a panic attack or because of my PTSD or simply to show that he was there.

He sacrifices so much.

He does so much, for me and for our marriage.

Griffin is different than any other person I’ve ever met before, but he’s been the best for me. He doesn’t put up with my crap and he is always willing to encourage and help me, and lets me do the same for him.

I’ve learned that marriage is hard, but it’s beautiful.

Coming home to him is the best feeling in the world.

Falling asleep next to my best friend, and the pup, are the best.

Life is hard, but I’m so glad that I have him by my side to go through this crazy life.

So Griffin, happy 2 years. And may the next 80 be just as wonderful.


Love Always,


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