Summer Feeling 

The smell of fresh cut lawns, meat on the grill, and the sound of family and friends talking and laughing fills me.


The beginning of something new.

As an adult, summer is still exciting but we still have to work. It’s not long days of playing and reading and imagining (though I hope someday it will be like that for me again)

But summer is more than what you do with your day.

It’s a feeling.

Yesterday I got up early and walked the dog with griffin  I saw a hot air balloon and felt excited about what the summer will hold, about the traditions we have for this time of year.

I went with my mom and sister to see some family graves. To remember those who have gone before us and who have served our country ❤️

Later we had friends and family over for ice cream. And griffin and I got to spend most of the day together.

I love this time of year. I love going on trips. I love seeing family. The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, and I am excited for it. Life is always changing, always moving, but summer always comes around and I love that.


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New Blog Look

Hey there! Welcome to the new look for My Hopeful Story. I’ve been debating for a long time whether or not I wanted to transition off of blogger and I finally made the leap. I created a new blog (all about writing, social media, and blogging) using SiteGround/Wordpress and decided to switch my personal blog over too.

This blog will be the same as it was before. I’ll still be writing about life, books, and mental illness. Hopefully, I can transition my old content onto this blog, I just need to figure out how to do that first!

Welcome to the new look, and a new post will be up soon!

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We Got a Dog

I mentioned in my last two posts (here and here) that we got a dog. A puppy.

It all happened so fast. I’d been home from work for 2 days in a row and I didn’t know if I was going to make it the next day. Griffin said that Tuesday night “we need to get you a dog.” It wasn’t anything new. It’s something that we’ve talked about doing this summer or when we can be home more. But for some reason, this time the idea stuck in my brain.
Going into our marriage two years ago I knew that eventually, we’d get a dog. Griffin LOVES dogs more than basically everything, and I knew it was something that would be non-negotiable when the time came.
I just had no idea that I would be the one to get the dog.
Wednesday I scrolled through so many ads on KSL. And then I saw her. This little black lab puppy and I knew that she would be ours. I asked Griffin how he felt about it and he replied: “does this mean when I get home tomorrow, we’ll have a puppy?” I shrugged, but even then something told me that in the next few days she’d be ours.
That Friday I picked her up after work, and we’ve been friends ever since.
I do have to say this though… I’ve never had a dog before. I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we brought home a puppy. She’s a lot of work but, she’s already been an immense blessing. We love her so much (even though her constant energy sometimes drives us crazy) but we’re happy to have her.
A big reason we wanted to get a dog is so she can be an emotional support animal for me. Living with PTSD and anxiety hasn’t been the easiest thing. It’s been one of the hardest trials I’ve ever experienced. But, already, Persephone (that’s what we named her) has been helping my anxiety.
– She’s getting me to go to work more. This one is funny but true. I’ve gone to work every work day since we got her, mainly because I don’t want to be at home with her all day because her energy makes my anxiety worse when my anxiety is already high. But I’ve been going to work more! And that’s exciting! I love my job, and it kills me when I have to stay home because I can’t even get out of bed. But now I have a little more motivation, since playing with a puppy all day is fun but very stressful.
– She gets us on our feet and outside. We spend a lot more time outside. We’ve actually talked to our neighbors. We’ve gone on walks. We haven’t watched as much T.V. because even when we start watching something, about 30 minutes in she needs to go out. We’re getting outside and walking and both those things have made a huge difference with my anxiety. When I’m anxious I don’t really want to do anything, but now when I’m anxious, I still have to take care of Persephone. She gets me outside and that helps calm my anxious soul.
– I haven’t had any nightmares. This may only sort of be related to getting a dog. Mostly because the first few nights she slept TERRIBLY! She’s started to sleep longer throughout the night, which means we are as well. But it’s always fun to have her by us and then wake up with her in the morning. 






All in all, getting a puppy has been a bit of a challenge, but also a huge blessing. We love Persephone and we cannot wait for the many adventures that we’ll have with her!! Do you have a dog?? Any puppy tips or things I should try –> leave in the comments!

Love Always,
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Book Review: Pursued

Pursued is one of those books that I enjoyed reading, simply because it’s got crime, mystery, and well… it reminded me of all the crime TV shows that I’ve been watching. This book starts with Nikki, coming home from a work training. She chats with the woman sitting next to her, Erika. And then, as the plane is starting to land, something goes wrong and the plane crashes. A few people die and several more are injured. But Nikki notices how nervous Erika is, and then suddenly, once they are all off of the plane, Erika is gone. When Nikki asks about her at the desk, everyone tells her that there was no one by that name on the plane. And the seat next to her was actually empty.

But how is that possible? Nikki knows she talked to her.
She knows she’s not making this up.
As an agent for the local police, she talks to the FBI when they arrive on the scene, mentioning Erika and how she seems to have disappeared. The FBI basically brush her off but follow after her a few moments later seeking her help to find Erika.
But the thing is, they only have 48 hours. They need to find her, and fast!
This book was a little slow paced (I still haven’t finished it yet since we got a puppy and I’ve been a bit distracted in that way) and there have been parts that just weren’t all that interesting. I am excited to finish reading the book though, I want to know how it ends and I hope to finish it soon.  I really like Nikki, at least for the most part. There are parts in the story where her character seems a little flat to me. Also, when I looked it up on Goodreads I found out that it’s the 3rd book in a series, but I don’t think you need to have read the other two books to really know what’s going on. But maybe if I had, I would have understood the characters a little bit better.
Summary from Goodreads:
Nikki Boyd’s flight into Nashville was routine–up until the crash landing at the airport. When the dust settles, Nikki discovers that the woman who had been seated next to her on the plane is missing–and no one will admit she was ever there. Erika Hamilton had been flying to Nashville with an air marshal as a key witness in an upcoming grand jury trial. When she flees from the crash, is she running from trouble or straight into it? Before Nikki can even see her family, she and her team are pulled into a missing persons case where the motives are as unclear as the suspects.
You can purchase this book from Amazon or Book Depository.
Love Always,
*I received Pursued from Revell Books in exchange for an honest review. 
** Links in this post are Affiliate links. 
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A Day in the Life

Yesterday I kept track of everything that I did all day. I saw a friend do a post like this a few months ago and I guess she does it every year. I thought it might be fun. So, here’s a day in the life on 4/20/2017.
4:42 Persephone wakes up whining griffin takes her out 
4:49 she won’t get in her crate, but finally does 
4:52 she starts barking for no reason. I lay on the floor by her crate. 
5:02 she’s asleep and I head back to bed. 
6:12 Persephone chokes and throws up. She did eat parts of a stick yesterday. I take out her blanket and put in a new one. She now thinks it’s play time in her crate 
6:15 I take out the squeaky toy that she hasn’t touched all night. And I lay on the floor again. 
6:21 back to the bed. I’m exhausted. And I was having a really great dream. 
6:54 Persephone’s awake. I take her outside to go potty. And put the blanket and towels that she threw up on in the wash 
7:03 we put Persephone in bed with us, loading her with toys. But on a towel in case she throws up again. Griff says he’s gonna take a sick day because he’s exhausted and was only going to work for a few hours anyway. 
7:04 I read through the puppy book I have and we decide that she threw up because of something she ate since she isn’t acting sick. 
7:07 I scroll through Instagram. Liking photos and trying to push away the exhaustion and lose myself in the random things that people post 
7:18 I watch some Instagram stories and tell Griff I’m gonna get ready 
7:32 I actually get in the shower right as I hear the washing machine stop. And I realize that all I can smell is doggy throw up. Gross. 
7:43 I get dressed and then start typing the events of today so I don’t forget what’s happened in the few hours I’ve already been awake. It’s not even 8 yet 
7:48 I take a mirror selfie and then finish getting ready. 
7:53 I get my glasses and shut the bedroom door. My hair is dripping but I don’t feel like blow drying it. I go out to the kitchen and open the blinds. I move the laundry to the dryer. 
7:56 breakfast time. Life cereal and naked juice. Read 1 Nephi chapter 1 
8:03 start more serious scripture study and record the verses I read the other day but didn’t have time to write about. 
8:26 finish scripture study and pack my lunch 
8:32 brush teeth and brush hair again. Tell griffin goodbye 
8:34 pack my bag and give sleepy griffin a kiss 
8:43 finally on the way to work. Listening to pres uctdorfs talk from conference wave to Griff and Persephone who are now outside as I drive away. 
8:57 get to work and put lunch in the fridge 
8:59 get clocked. Pull open work email and enjoy the chatter of coworkers throughout the building
9:01 the wifi is slow today. I’ve got 21 unread email. 
9:01 pull out planner and review to do list for the day. Remember I have a phone call at 9:30 with that lady from linked in about a different way to respond to customer reviews. 
9:05 pull up work Instagram. I haven’t looked at it in 24 hours 😬 we have 5 new followers this morning 🎉and 200 more than just 2 days ago! We’re doing great things! Comment and like photos in the feed and like photos form new followers. 
9:13 post a photo To my own InstaStory and head over to the other building to fill my water bottle and see if I need a morning snack. Stop and talk to Freddy at the front desk. Murphy comes up to me and smells me before going up the stairs with Kenzie. Freddy and I talk about our glasses and how we hope our eyes don’t get too bad as we get older. I fill up my water bottle and grab some candy and head back 
9:22 bathroom break before the phone call. 
9:24 reread email so I remember what the call is even about. Start going throug my other emails while I wait for the call. 
9:28 register for a webinar for later this afternoon
9:29 get on the call and talk about different ways to help our customers engage with us and us with them 
9:42 end call and eat a Reese’s. I’m feeling low on energy but I don’t really want to drink caffeine since it makes me more jittery. So chocolate it is. 
9:44 fill out a survey to vote for an employee of the month 
9:48 email Brandon to schedule a time to meet later today to talk about social media content 
9:50 open work gmail and excel to respond to and organize google reviews. 
9:51 eat some nuts because I’m craving something salty 
9:54 just read a review where a customer said he had a terrible experience because he asked for a cabbage burger and was mad we didn’t serve those. What the heck is a cabbage burger??? Also we don’t serve burgers at kneaders. It’s a breakfast and sandwich cafe and bakery… I don’t understand people. 
9:56 go back to reviews but I have to stop and look up what a cabbage burger is. I guess it’s a yeast bread stuffed with beef cabbage and onions. Sounds interesting i guess. The pictures make it look good but that might be because I’m hungry. 
9:58 okay back to responding to reviews. 
9:59 what do I even say to that guy?? Ill come back to his review later 
9:59 Steve comes over and asks how Persephone is doing. I tell him she struggles to sleep in her crate some nights but that she sleeps well on the bed. We talk about his dogs and how they sleep in the bed so maybe we’ll try that tonight. I miss sleeping for longer than just 2 hours at a time. He also recommends a puppy socialization class that’s on Saturday, I’ll look that up later. 
10:10 back to reviews. 
10:14 responded to that cabbage review. Said “thanks for coming, come again soon” not super exciting but I have no idea what else to say 🤷🏼‍♀️
10:21 I guess I can only handle a few reviews at a time because I’m back on Instagram, our work account though. 6 new followers 🙌
10:22 okay okay telling myself I just need to read and respond to 10 reviews and I’ll do more later. Idk why these are so hard. I think mostly because it’s the most boring part of my job 😜 but good for our business. 
10:29 computer bings another new email. I respond to this one right now since I’m not the person to talk to about operations of the store locations. Direct person to the right employee to contact 
10:33 back to reviews. I’ve made it through quite a few. That’s what happens if I just sit down and do it… maybe I’ll finish them all right now… 
10:36 as I copy a review into my spreadsheet I edit it since the grammar is incorrect and it’s driving me crazy #EnglishMajor 
10:38 I’m suddenly craving Del Taco. And I keep thinking it’s Friday. 
10:39 my screensavor just changed and my the picture made me happy ❤
10:45 just hit print instead of save on my excel sheet.  But that gets me up to go throw it away. 
10:46 almost time for a recruiting webinar today. It might be applicable but it might not. I’ll see how it goes 
10:54 quick bathroom break. Jump up and down by desk to increase my energy. Having a pup is trying. 
10:55 tell Griff about the puppy socializing class he agrees that it would be a good idea. 
10:57 headphones in and notepad ready for the webinar to start. I’ll keep responding to reviews while I wait. 
10:58 realized I read the email wrong. I missed that webinar. But I’ve got one for social media later so that’s okay. I need more water. 
11:05 still sitting at my desk. Checking Instagram stats and liking/commenting on photos for more engagement. Need to talk to Brandon about what we’re going to post this week. 
11:07 edit photos/look for photos to post on twitter and Facebook next week 
11:26 drafting captions/posts/tweets for the next few days 
11:30 eat half of my chicken spinach wrap (lunch from yesterday) as a snack. Oh and some potato chips because I have an addiction to those. 
11:36 back to reviews while I snack. Almost done with responding to them all 🙌
11:37 tempted to turn on my space heater because #freezing 
11:40 briefly wonder where the saying “_____ is to die for” came from. Why do we say that? 
11:47 just read a review that said “I could live here happily” Hmmm which restaurant would I pick if I needed to live there… maybe zupas or panda. But probably McDonald’s if I’m being completely honest with you… 
11:49 only 3 reviews left!
11:54 finished with the google reviews. I walked over to the other building to fill my water bottle (there is a drinking fountain in my building but the water is too Metallic tasting for me… plus this way I get in more steps) 
11:59 back at my desk. I have to clean my glasses because it’s misting outside (not quite raining yet) and man, it’s cold out there. 
12:01 another mirror selfie. My face is how I’m feeling about the cold rainy day. Back to work now. It’s time to check all of our social media accounts 
12:03 like and retweet and FFG mentions on twitter! We got 2 new followers. I take a look at our twitter analytics and we’re only currently doing a little better than last month. But we still have 10 days to make up for it. I open up buffer to start scheduling some of the content I drafted earlier. 
12:09 scroll through the twitter feed to see if there’s anything relevant to FFG that I can share 
12:15 I’ve used my phone so much at work it’s already below 30% battery. Time to charge it! 
12:22 search how to grow your Twitter following organically. Some of these articles are crap though… because I know what they are saying to do doesn’t actually work. I’ve tried it. So onto something else 
12:45 came across this YouTube video on Facebook and I had to watch 
12:53 read work newsletter about our newest employee 
12:54 wonder if I should watch the webinar at one and eat lunch when it’s over or wait till tomorrow and watch the recording… 
12:56 just went to the webinar page and it said it was over. Checked the original email and the time wasn’t in MST 😭 today is not my day for webinars. 
12:57 looking up hashtags to use on twitter so more people see us. 
1:24 I’ve fallen down the Twitter whole of people who post about food. But I got some good ideas. Time for lunch. 
1:25 just texted Griff to see how the dog is doing. And to tell him that I miss her. 
1:32 actually clocking out for lunch after doing some more Instagram liking 
1:36 heat up food and read Caraval 
2:02 clock back in. Meeting with Brandon to discuss ideas we have for our social media accounts and company blog that’s coming soon 
2:28 feeling pumped about everything we talked about and ready to work. The social media part of this company is sort of my baby. Which is stressful and nerve wracking all at the same time. 
2:33 schedule a phone call for next week with a company that could make replying to reviews even easier 
2:34 back on Instagram for more engagement!
2:58 walked over to refill my water bottle (3rd time today! I didn’t realize how much water I drink when I’m at work) and the sun is shining ☀☀☀️ hooray! 
3:02 turned on my Spotify for some afternoon tunes. Jk Spotify isn’t working… I’ll head over to Pandora, that’ll work 
3:04 Brad paisley songs (all the heart eyes). Okay time to start planning for my #takeovertuesday that we’re going to start next week… and I want to be ready! 
3:05 just got a random text from someone I don’t know about some random store opening. Cool cool. Too bad I’m not in California then I could go 😂
3:16 make to do list for tomorrow and items for next week 
3:20 take a ride on my big green tractor ((I love this song)) 
3:22 I made a list of potential blog post idea for work blog. And loving the country love songs radio on pandora 
3:28 first time besides lunch that I’ve even paused today, but I love my job so much and I’m so excited for the things that are happening, especially on the social media side 
3:40 OBSESSED with Luke Bryan. That’s all. 
3:44 so many things to do. Can’t do them all today. But I’m excited for the things that are happening. And I’m pretty sure I said that a few minutes ago. 
3:49 currently searching for a soda emoji. Does it exist? I honestly don’t know… I hope so though
3:52 someone brought in donuts. Can’t say no to that!
3:59 sign up for Hootsuites online social media conference next month 
4:01 just looked at my inbox, and realized I still have 19 emails that are all from yesterday, just more customer responses, but these ones I just need to sort. 
4:02 also I couldn’t find a soda emoji so we’ll just have to live without it. (If it does exist am I just blind?! Let me know) 
4:15 retweeting content and following new twitter peeps 
4:29 reading an article about how to have awesome restaurants 
4:29 more Luke Bryan and Twitter searching 
4:42 brainstorm Twitter giveaways to promote more engagement with our followers 
4:45 update our twitter bio. Which I may change again because I don’t love it. 
4:49 posted about our Twitter account to Instagram Stories 
4:53 finalize to do list for tomorrow. Check Facebook stats and get on Instagram for the last few minutes of work. Still listening to the country love song radio on pandora 
4:56 realized that I haven’t looked at or FB stats in almost a week and our follower count has almost doubled! 
4:57 screen savor changed to a pic of me and some mission friends and I remembered the dream I had last night. Dreams are weird. 
5:01 clock out. Time to head home. 
5:03 in my car I call Walmart to let them know I’ll be there in about 15 minutes to pick my groceries. Walmart pickup is the greatest thing ever. Just saying. 
5:21 arrive at Walmart call and wait for them to bring out my order 
5:24 got all my groceries but I still have to go in to get an umbrella (Persephone hates the rain) and I couldn’t get an umbrella with the  pickup 
5:33 got the umbrella and my groceries. Home time! I take the back roads because I don’t want to deal with the freeway 
6:07 groceries are put away and dinner is in the oven 
6:36 take Persephone out 
6:44 finally sit down to eat dinner. Persephone has so much energy. Griffin is in the bedroom studying. How come she goes crazy when I get home?!
6:48 I finally get to pee after coming home from work and school 
6:50 tried to take a picture of Persephone because she was sitting ther all cute and this was the result of that 😂 (she lunged for my phone) 
6:54 sitting on the couch watching death in paradise. We’re definitely going to need to go on a walk today 
7:09 the puppy is asleep and we’re both feeling the sleep we didn’t get last night. Griffin even more so since he’s been home with her all day long 
7:37 she’s still asleep and we’re watching death in paradise and I’m scrolling through Instagram 
8:28 I’ve been cuddling with griffin and Persephone wakes up we got out and it’s freezing and she just wants to run around 
8:44 back inside and she thinks it’s play time. I clean up the kitchen and griffin settles with her in bed. 
9:16 plugging in my phones. She’s gonna sleep with us tonight so well see how that goes. Night peeps.
So that’s that, It was hard to keep track of everything that I do all day, and at work, I do a lot of things throughout the day, so I feel like I updated it quite a bit then. But life is good and busy… I may do these again on a day when my anxiety is bad, because I know those days look completely different, but until then, what does a day normally look like for you??
Love Always,

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