My Love Story

I’m a hopeless romantic.  I love love stories, so naturally, I feel the need to share ours.  Griff and I met when we were serving missions for our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) in the California Irvine Mission.  Yes, I found him attractive, but I also was there to serve the Lord, so I focused on that. (tried to anyway) until I got home and we started to write. I had no idea what would come of it, I just knew that I really wanted to be friends with Elder Epperson and that if we could, I would really love to date him when he got home.

I got home in August. In September he asked me to wait for him, and I said yes.  We wrote and talked about what would happen when he got home.  He asked me to fly out and see him and meet his family shortly after he got home, in between semesters. I agreed and over thanksgiving break, I bought a plane ticket.

On December 30, 2014, I flew out to Colorado to see Griffin.  We’d never been on a date before.  We’d only flirted in emails and letters.  As missionaries, we were allowed to shake hands, but we had a good feeling about it all.  Even though I was incredibly nervous to meet his family and spend time with him.  He was waiting for me when I got off the plane, and we had our first kiss right there, in the Denver airport, and there was a lot more kissing and talking and laughing and cuddling after that. I don’t think I ate much that week because I was so nervous.

First impressions are everything, right?

We hung out every day after we got back to Utah.  Our semesters weren’t terribly busy, and we were very very in love. mushy flirty kissy everything. that was us. we were [and are] incredibly boring. spending a lot of time watching new series on Netflix and reading books.  He loves to bake and I actually like cooking, just trying to do that more.

he’d been home for six weeks when he popped the question I was surprised but delighted.

I said yes.

We were married in the Mount Timpanogos temple on May 1, 2015.

Life has been crazy as ever since that day, but I’m glad I have my best friend by my side.

He’s studying Psychology and Philosophy, and I’m studying English.

We have hopes of having children someday and puppies.

Being married has been the best time of my life. Hard, but incredible.

Here on my blog, I write a lot about our life as newlyweds.

We’re just two people, who fell in love, who are in love and are just trying to make it.

What a great adventure.

We are pretty happy.

I love him. He truly is my best friend

{and he will be F O R E V E R}

Life would not be the same if we didn’t have each other.