Hey there, I’m Taylor!

I am so glad you stopped by. My Hopeful Story started out in 2016 when I shared my story for the first time. When I was in high school I was sexually assaulted and emotionally abused. Because of that, I now have PTSD. For a long time I was angry with God and angry about life in general. But, I’ve recently learned that God is good and there are so many things that I want to do with my life.

I stopped holding myself back

Are you ready to find more happiness in your life? Do you want to live with real intention instead of just letting life happen to you? My Hopeful Story started out as a hobby, a blog where I could share my thoughts and my story. During 2016 it struck me how we all have stories. We all have these lives that we’re living and the more we share with each other, the more we can learn. This blog is all about changing your story, your life, into exactly what you want it to be.

Here you’ll find posts about happiness, books, mental health, our dog Persephone and life as a stay at home mom.  Start HERE!